Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cutting Costs: Lowering Our Cellphone Bill for a Savings of $39/month

When we found out that our son would need orthodontia, and that the monthly payment on that would be $95 for 18 months, we thought that we would just have to lower our monthly debt payment. But we also found a few ways to cut our already tight budget, and here I would like to talk about one of the ways we did.

Given that we have never had smartphones, I already thought we had a low rate for our "dumb phones" at $79/month + tax (usually around $91/month), but it's obvious now that I hadn't shopped around in awhile. We like the Verizon network and are not interested in switching at this point, otherwise I would have looked into a company like Republic Wireless with their crazy low plans for smartphones. But the reality was, we just needed our phones to be phones. My husband is at work during the day, and because we are a one-car family, I am at home, so I have access to Wi-Fi, and the trips I do take out are usually for running errands or going to church, places that I don't really need a smartphone. I am also not a huge phone person in general so an unlimited talk plan was not necessary either.

Anyway, upon researching, I discovered that we could lower our bill to $52/month with tax, and include unlimited texting, which was something we didn't have before (yes, we are kind of old school like that).

In total, we saved $39/month by switching to a new plan, or $468/year.

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