Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 2015 Update: Total Debt of $80,456.49

Wow, this month was a doozy, but in mostly a good way. The upside was that we got to see a lot of family this month. Many months ago we found a good deal on an airline ticket for me to go and visit my dad in Virginia, so I took my daughter (a lap child) and visited him for a few days. We traveled a few weeks later to Tulsa (a road trip) to visit my uncle, grandmother, and my mom and her boyfriend for a weekend. I had not seen my grandmother since I got married 9 years ago, which meant she had never met any of our kids. It was one of those trips that we felt like it was right to make even though we debt repayment is a priority for us right now. And finally, we are enjoying a visit from my in-laws from California the last weekend of this month.

Financially, though, we went over-budget in our food, gas, and auto. I am still grappling with feeding four hungry children, many who eat more than I do in a day, and staying within our budget of $410 (this also includes some diapers, toileteries, etc.) I have a lot of thoughts on this that I would like to blog about in another post, so stay tuned in the next few weeks for that. The gas was due to all of the traveling, and the auto had to do with an unexpected battery failure in our one family car. Thankfully, it was just the battery! But it cost us $165 to replace.

With all of these expenses, it was tempting this month to just forego our typical student loan payment. Because we are on an income-based-repayment program, our minimum monthly payment is $0. I am grateful for that in emergencies because if we need the money for something else in a given month, we can use it. But we also have enough savings, and are close enough to an extra paycheck (we get two of these a year in January and July) that we decided to dip into our savings this month to cover the extra expenses. There is something motivating about blogging about your debt repayment as you see the numbers slowly but steadily drop - you want to keep on going!

So with that in mind, our total debt at the end of this month is $80,456.49.  I am excited about nearing the end of living in the $80,000's.

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