Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 2015 Update: Total Debt of $80,197.37

As of this writing, we have a total debt of $80,197.37. About $150 of this is a Discover balance that we had after paying off the Discover at the end of the month, but paying the rest of this balance wouldn't register until after the time I wanted to post an update, so I am including it in our debt. But we do plan on paying that part off with cash which we have in our bank account.

Overall, I was happy with how our food spending went. We stayed within our budget and I didn't feel stressed toward the end of the month feeling like I had run out of food money.

That said, we did have some other expenses which came up (need of clothing for the kids, a little Christmas shopping, car repairs, etc.), so once again, we dipped into our savings to pay for the overage in the budget instead of making a lower loan repayment. We only do this if there is an extra paycheck looming shortly on the horizon, or a tax return to replenish the amount, or we have plenty in our account to pay for it.

In October, we had a new battery to pay for, which was around $120. Then in November, we went to get our oil changed and learned that we needed to have our coolant flushed, so the total was again another $120 or so.

And so, given that our car was getting so much attention, I guess our dryer got jealous. We noticed a squeaky noise, which was no big deal, just attributable to it being 30 years old, but then a little grinding noise started. We tried to take it apart this afternoon to see if we could fix it ourselves like we have in the past, but when we couldn't find anything wrong and put it back together, the sound got much much worse - a loud grinding noise. At this point, I think we're going to call our maintenance guy to check it out because it will still be less expensive than buying a new dryer.

How was your month? Were there any victories or challenges that you faced?

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