Friday, March 25, 2016

My favorite food items to buy at the Dollar Tree

Last weekend we had some friends over for an Indian dinner w/ chicken tikka masala, sauteed indian-spiced spinach, fresh yogurt raita, rice, and samosas (a spiced potato pastry). Most of it did not take that long to make, but the samosas would have.

I have tried making them before with limited success (to be really good, they need to be fried, and then there's the dough-making and stuffing . . .  ). You can imagine how surprised, then skeptical, then delighted I was then to find boxes of samosas at the Dollar Tree in their frozen food section.

"Surely these can't be the real deal," I thought as I picked up a box. But sure enough, the ingredients and location proved it: note only were they made in India, all of the ingredients were natural, like ginger, potatoes, peas, and spices.

The Indian samosas have become just one of several foods we buy consistently at the Dollar Tree now. I also have seen or tried the following items:

10 oz bags of Frozen fruit
This by far is my favorite find. I always thought the frozen food section must have to do with microwavable burritos, but they have many different kinds of frozen fruit in 10-12 oz. bags. My favorites are the frozen blueberries (10 oz. for a dollar) and the mixed berry blend. Paired with homemade yogurt and toasted flax seed from Aldi, these make great frugal smoothies!

Black Beans (1 lb bags)
I have been able to find pinto beans for much lower prices at Sam's Club, but so far, the Dollar Tree has the lowest prices on black beans.

Canned Coconut Milk
I haven't tried this yet, but noticed that they carry coconut milk. Often at our grocery store the cheapest price I can find is $1.79/can, so this looks like a good deal to me.

Spring Rolls (pack of 10)
Once I discovered the samosas, I began branching out to other appetizers. These spring rolls are flaky and delicious, and at 10 rolls for a dollar can't be beat in my book!

Monterey Jack Cheese - 6 oz block
This is not a huge block of cheese, but when you do the math it works out to $2.66/lb or $1.33 for an 8 oz block. The cheapest I usually can find it is for $1.66/8 oz block, so once again, Dollar Tree wins here.

There are also a few items I haven't been able to try yet, such as their vacuum packed gnocchi. I have a few recipes that call for these, so hopefully I can review them soon.

What about you - what are your favorite food items to buy at the Dollar Tree?

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