Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sew-and-tell Saturday: A Purl Soho Romper Free Pattern Review

This past week I was perusing one of my Pinterest boards of free patterns to sew for babies, and decided that I wanted to try this cute little Purl Soho romper. Several years ago, my mom cleaned out her craft room as she prepared to move and sent me several boxes of fabrics. One of them that I still have left is a lavender gingham seersucker fabric. I am not really that big of a fan of purple, but something about spring, daffodils, Easter, and the fact that I'd rather not spend more money on fabric if I have to pushed me to go ahead and try that fabric with this pattern (and I'm really glad I did).

Generally speaking, I found this pattern to be very well-explained. The pattern itself was easy to print and cut out, involved only three main pieces plus a waistband and two strips of fabric for the ties, and that was it. You could easily get away with using only 3/4 yard of fabric to make this for a size 2T, but the pattern does go up much higher.

When I try a new pattern, I usually hope to gain a new method of piecing or design. What I really liked about this piece was how adding the elastic in at the top of the front and back piece created instant ruffles. After struggling with past pieces where I had to machine gather them and then piece them, this simple yet pretty style was a welcome relief! This was also my first time making bias tape for the arm straps, and it was surprisingly easy. I'm already thinking about a pattern modification which could turn the top piece into a gathered sleeveless top that could stand on its own.

I ended up being really happy with how the lavender gingham worked here. I have struggled with sewing with gingham in the past because if you are off even by 1/4 inch, everything will look crooked, but I've tried to get better at lining up pattern pieces correctly and sewing them straight. I made only one big mistake which I need to go back and fix (I accidentally twisted the elastic before sewing it together for the waistband) but other than that I think it turned out really well. I can hardly wait until the weather warms up and I can put it on my little one to play out in the backyard. :)


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