Monday, June 27, 2016

June 2016 Update: Total Debt of $73,099.17

Hey everyone! I am sorry for the Internet absence - for a week or so we had no access to our home computers as our only power cord for two laptops had finally died. Since we didn't have Amazon Prime, I found a new source - eBay, and while it took slightly longer, I was happy to get a brand new generic power cord for $13, compared to an Apple brand one for $80.

There is not much new to report here, which can sometimes be a good thing! We made a $465 payment toward our loans as always, and had a few expenses related to home needs (new hose, homeschool books, annual bar registration fees, etc.) that ate a little into our savings.

This past month we scaled back a lot on homeschooling. I often do lessons during the summer because the heat makes it not that fun to be outside, but I was feeling burnout myself, and with the kids in swimming lessons and one of our sons in baseball, it just felt like it was time to take a break for a little while.

I was able to save a lot of money on homeschooling curriculum by visiting the annual used curriculum sale in early June in Kansas City. This is a highlight of the year for me because the deals are so good. Take a look at what I bought below:

All of these books came to under $100. One of them was a curriculum that sells for $120 alone online. Shopping at used curriculum sales and library book sales or thrift shops has enabled us to stock our home library with high-quality books. 

The other exciting thing that happened this month was that my husband found out he would be getting a raise beginning at the end of July. We didn't know if this would happen or not as his employer (the government) is having a bit of a budget crisis right now, and are thankful for the modest increase. We will use August's extra amount for some pressing wardrobe needs for him and maybe something else, and then begin adding to our loan payments in September. I will post an updated version of our budget in September once it changes.

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