Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 2016 Update: $71,724.97

So here's the good news - we finally got our balance below $72,000! Every thousand feels like it takes time, but I like to celebrate the victories when I can. In a month or two we will reach another big landmark: paying off over $20,000 of our debt since we started this journey two years ago.

This month, we were hoping to increase our debt payment by $200 because of my husband's recent modest raise of $5,000 (our total income now is about $55,000 before anything is taken out). But as unexpected (and expected) costs trickled in, we realized that it was better to keep our payment this month at $465 to protect our bank account from getting too low.

The extra expenses stemmed from a wide variety of things - we put our three boys in both a Wednesday night and Monday night ministry, partly to give me a break and some time to research side income opportunities, but also to give them more opportunities to socialize with other kids since they are homeschooled. Three children's fees add up quickly, in this case amounting to about $200 for the three of them. My husband also found out that his new position at his office will require him to get another type of license to practice which came in at $175. We also had to order checks, which cost us $30.

The extra expenses this month amounted to over $400, so we felt like it was better to put that extra $200 we would have put toward debt toward floating some of these expenses while paying for the rest out of our savings. I like to make progress, but putting the baseline amount of our bank account in jeopardy is also not worth the slight amount of interest I might have saved.

We had a few other things go out home-related this month, including a kitchen drain and our garage door sensors. I am planning on replacing these two items myself this coming month with new parts I researched and bought from a local hardware store and eBay. As I continue to not have Amazon Prime, I am finding that it forces me to look for good deals in other places, and usually they are just as good, but without Amazon's annual fee.

What I am grateful for this month

Our two year-old daughter was accidentally hit in the face with an aluminum baseball bat. She is okay, but we ended up taking her to the emergency room just to be sure there were no fractures/breaks. I don't know what the emergency room bill will be yet, but hopefully our HSA will be able to cover it as the bill comes in. And more importantly, I am grateful that she wasn't hurt that badly! I know that accidents happen to kids and even if they are much worse, God is still watching over them, but in this case, I was so thankful that she wasn't hit harder, and it was the brother with the weakest swing who accidentally hit her.

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