Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017 Debt Update: $68,505.35

It's already that time again! This post will be short and sweet - our total debt, including credit card, student loans, and a car loan, is down to $68,505.35.

While we were excited to see our debt go down again, we were disappointed to spend more than the extra amount we had coming in from my husband's recent raise. I did keep track of these expenses, which was an improvement, and almost all of them were necessary, but I am tired of spending money. I was motivated to return to our law school days where we tried to spend as little as possible on extras. We do make room to spend for things like kids swimming lessons (but on a scholarship), baseball, and annual memberships to the zoo and discovery center for quality of life, but beyond that, if there's a way we can do without it, we will try not to buy when possible.

So far I am excited about what our summer is shaping up to look like. As I mentioned above, our kids will be in swimming lessons and baseball, but another local opportunity came up for our family to learn more about farming (raising chicks, milking cows, pasture management, etc.) for free. A local family is training other families in these skills in exchange for watching their farm while they are gone. I'm super-thrilled to be part of the program, not just for the skills learned, but also for getting a chance to work with this wonderful family. We are also hoping to travel down to Texas for a week to visit my sister and her family and signed our kids up for one week of free Vacation Bible School as well. 

That's it for now! Spring will be busy, but I hope to be able to post pictures of my gardening efforts here soon!

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