Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 2017 Update: $62,565.22

Hey everyone! Not much new here to report - this month our debt dropped to $62,565.22. April was a busy month for us involving two back-to-back weekends where we were out-of-town and then a visit from our in-laws. As regular events wind down for our kids we will be gearing up for baseball.

On the financial side, we had signed up our son for a more competitive baseball team, thinking that the higher registration fee would cover a uniform as well. How wrong we were! We began to hear from others that the fees would eventually be almost double the registration once the uniform, parking, and admission fees were accounted for. It still seems crazy to me that you have to pay to watch your own child play baseball when you paid a great amount just for him to play in the first place! But at some point we were informed that the team would be disbanding due to a coach accepting a job in another state, so we were able to get a full refund and decided to enroll him in a less expensive league. I was grateful for the reprieve we got from that experience and will be much wiser next year.

In May baseball will be starting for two of our sons. It will be interesting to see how practices and games work out given that we are still a one-car family. Thankfully our city is not that large and you can get anywhere in about 15 minutes.

My vegetable garden is also starting to pick up and I will be transplanting many of the seeds I started a couple of months ago. I hope to get some pictures of that up here soon!

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