Monday, July 31, 2017

One Year Later: Living without Amazon Prime and what I learned

Last year I wrote a post on the reasons why we decided to end our Amazon Prime membership.  I thought it would be good to share what it has been like since then as it's been almost a year now since we cancelled.  We still do not have it, though we did purchase the monthly option for a couple of months when it seemed right to do so - I'll explain more below about those times.

So first, let's address the question of "Can I live without Amazon Prime?" Yes! These days, it seems that Amazon is doing it's best to become the extra, indispensable family member in your home. But it has a very limited place in our household. We have not missed it that much this year and have been able to work with the $25 minimum shipping requirement for free shipping by keeping things in our cart until we are ready to purchase that amount.

There were a few times we did decide to use Prime, though. The first was the period before Christmas, usually around November, during which many of the best deals happen and items are most available. I had learned from previous years that the later you wait to buy toys, the higher they will be in price.

Also, a little known fact that is in writing on Amazon's website is that if any of your Prime shipping items are late, they will add on one month of Prime to your account. With a month-to-month subscription, you can only enjoy this benefit for a month at a time. We had one purchase during November arrive late, and had our subscription extended by one month. If you had an annual subscription, you could do this up to twelve times.

The other time we decided to get Prime was when our son was fighting an ear infection and ear wax, and I needed some items quickly in order to treat him. I felt like the expense of the subscription was less than visiting a doctor.

I don't think we will be moving to Amazon Prime annually anytime soon unless the benefits outweigh the costs. I love the feeling of knowing we don't have to find another $100 in our budget every year for a subscription that is only worth it if we buy more stuff.

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