Friday, August 11, 2017

Frugal Friday: 10 things I did to save money this week

  • Made homemade yogurt and buttermilk, chicken broth from a free rotisserie chicken we got, and baked two loaves of bread
  • Purchased enough milk and eggs for two weeks because the prices were so low ($1.77 for milk and .47/dozen for eggs)
  • Accepted some homegrown tomatoes from our neighbor
  • Opened up the windows in the morning and turned off the lights to save on electricity
  • Had new internet installed which will be faster and almost $15 cheaper per month
  • Purchased two new pairs of pants for $5 each on clearance, and they were my favorite brand! Normally they are about $15/pair, so I saved almost $20. I am spending some of my set-aside birthday money on clothes, and was glad that I could use some of it on something else now.
  • We got invited to two birthday parties this month. I wasn't sure what to do for gifts, and was planning on going to one store, but there were police everywhere on the street I needed to take and the only way out was to go a different direction. I ended up going to a different store and found quite a few toys on clearance (as well as the pants I mentioned above). I felt like God was providing even in the inconveniences of life!
  • Researched different pairs of shoes for my husband online. He is in sore need of a new pair of running shoes. He tried some on at a store that was offering a BOGO offer, but we waited and when I got home I thought to look up the pair on Amazon. They were just slightly more than they would have been if we had done the BOGO plus the coupon, but now we don't have to buy an extra pair of shoes to get the deal.
  • I worked a little on our health insurance discount activities. We have to complete a number of activities in order to get a $40/month discount on our insurance for the upcoming year, as well as earn $1000 for our HSA this year. 
  • I got out some of my cookbooks out that have recipes from other parts of the world. I am trying to gather more recipes with humble, simple ingredients and less meat. One cookbook I love is called More with Less.


  1. How did you make the buttermilk? It is always a treat seeing that you have a new post up.

  2. It's really simple! I just take about 4 cups of milk and stir in 1/4 cup of buttermilk, and leave it in a covered container overnight at room temperature. The next morning it is buttermilk.

  3. That is such a great price on eggs. I've never seen them that low in our area. I am happy to get them for $1/dozen and think that's an amazing price. They last quite a while.

    1. And the amazing thing is that they've been around 47 cents a dozen for a couple of months now. I'm so grateful after the spike in prices awhile ago!


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