Monday, February 12, 2018

What is the good life?

Lately I have been listening to Dave Ramsey a lot on his podcast as I prep dinner or fold laundry. Even though I don't subscribe 100% to his methods (we use credit cards and pay them off), I find the problems people call in with and his answers helpful. It is also good to hear someone say over and over, "You need to pay off your debt. This is important. This is a good thing."

One of the other things Dave Ramsey says is that we should live like no one else so that one day, we can live like no one else. It seems that he acknowledges that part of this "living like no one else" one day will involve generosity. But it also seems that some of the future "living like no one else" has to do with having nicer things because you can now afford them. I don't necessarily disagree with him, but in my own life, I have tried to be careful in this debt-free journey to not view myself as living a life that I can't wait to get out of so that one day I can buy a lot more or have a better life.

I don't want to live these years of paying off debt as quickly as possible so that I can get through them. Even if our budget is limited, even if we actually do eat beans and rice once a week, even if my shoes have holes in them and I hate my curtains and wish I could buy new ones, I want to truly say that today, right now with unexpected medical bills or uncertain work situations, life is good.

It is good because even if everything were taken away from me, I would still have God and His gracious love.

It is good because I have four rambunctious children who are eager to learn and can't go to bed at night without asking for a big hug, kiss, and tickle.

It is good because I have a husband who is an involved father and is steady when I am not.

I don't want to miss the beauty of today while I am working to get to tomorrow. Every day is a gift. Today is just as much of a blessing as the day we will get out of debt, it's just that the blessings sometimes look a little different ;). There might be the blessing of having limited resources so that you learn to be creative, or the blessing of not being able to go out as much so that you get to spend more time with your children.

Sometimes we can't see the blessings for what they are until they are behind us. I just don't want to look back and realize that I wasted them.


  1. This is so true. It seems that it is human nature to wish the day away, always chasing the future, something "better". We must remember that "THIS is the day the Lord has made..."

  2. This is a wonderful post! I have been guilty of not enjoying today, while waiting for just the right day. I am 54 years old and just now learning to enjoy the little things! You guys are def. on the right track!

  3. You have expressed exactly what I think. Remember the BNL's song "If I had a Million Dollars" that they would still eat Kraft dinner (Mac and cheese). I feel that way. I love the frugal things I do. Life is so blessed right this second, I am so grateful for everything we do have, and am trying to learn to look for the blessing in the things I don't have.

  4. It is easy to set your heart on someday and not enjoy today. I struggle with this constantly.

  5. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so don't put off being content and happy. Great post.


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