Here are different ways we have tried to trim our budget:

Fixing up your home on a budget
Machine-quilted pillow shams

Saving Money on Our Cellphone Bill - $39 / month
How we lowered our total utilities by $35 / month

Saving in the Kitchen
Our Modest Kitchen Makeover
Which Protein Sources are the Cheapest? You'd be surprised.
Saving Money on Cutting Board Oil - How I saved $6.00 by going to the pharmacy section
Peter Reinhart's English Muffin Recipe

Saving in Homeschooling
Saving Money on Children's Books - How I purchased 41 books for $8
How to save on extra-curricular activities

How to Use the Resources You Already Have
Making the most of my time: my experiences with having a schedule

Saving on Auto Expenses
The Pros and Cons of Being a One-Car Family

How George Washington Cut Costs
My Visit to Mt. Vernon

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